These are a list of fanmade Mighty B episodes

Season 1: 2008-2010Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1a The Mighty Tooth Bessie tries not to eat too much sugar before her checkup to get her Nice Smile Badge. May 17, 2008
1b Misfortune Teller A fortune teller tells Bessie she won't be the Mighty B. May 17, 2008
2a Hive Night Bessie will do anything to go to Portia's sleep over. May 24, 2008
2b Arch Enemies The Mighty B meets their arch enemies, The Bling Girls (A.K.A Portia and Gwen). May 24, 2008
3a Buttertscotch Bees Bessie and Penny try to sell one hundred butterscotch cookies in two hours to get their Butterscotch Badge. May 31, 2008
3b The Nofather Bessie's divorced father comes for a visit, but he tells her she can no longer be a Honeybee scout. May 31, 2008
4a The Pimple Peril Bessie, Penny, and Gwen try to get rid of Portia's pimple before Honeybee photos. June 7, 2008
4b Do the Bee Bessie tries to surf a large wave at the beach to get a badge. June 7, 2008
5a I Like To Earn It Earn It Bessie has to learn a song to earn a badge but after she earns the badge she can't stop dancing to the song. November 29, 2008
5b Bessie Flips Bessie does gymnastics in order to be flexible and strong after seeing a beautiful gymnast on TV. Bessie's mother says that she needs more practice. Will she make the gymnastics team and succeed? Or will she be counted out? November 29, 2008
6 A Beemas Story Bessie and the honeybees celebrate christmas at Bessie's house. But suddenly, her Mom whispers in her ear that Santa isn't real. She shouldn't tell anyone else the secret. Will she keep the secret between her and her Mom? December 25, 2008
7 Who Let the Dogs In? When a woman and her golden retriever visit San Francisco, but Bessie sorries about it. Bessie finds a stray puppy while looking for Portia and Gwen, she accidentally lets it out of her bedroom, but she names it Fluffy while Penny plays a soccer game. But we see Bessie carries the box of puppies.
Note: Amanda Bynes, Jamie Lynn Spears, Jessica Chaffin, Angus Oblong, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ashley Tisdale, Brenda Song, and Billy Ray Cyrus guest star as the puppies.
June 12, 2009
8a Freaky Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday... After Bessie gets angry at Happy, Happy wishes he was a human and Bessie was a dog, but it seems things aren't that easy for Happy. September 25, 2009
8b Happy, I Shurnk Myself Bessie drinks one of Happy's magic drinks hoping to grow a few inches. Instead it backfires and Bessie shrinks down to ant size, and has to get Portia and Gwens attention without getting squished. September 25, 2009
9a The Great Bone Caper Happy's favorite bone disappears and Detective Bessie is on the case. March 22, 2010
9b Bamily Fuy The Higgenbottoms and the Honeybees lock themselves in at the supermarket. March 22, 2010
10a Beauty and the Bees Bessie competes in a beauty pageant March 23, 2010
10b Ben The Honeybee Ben enters the Honeybee troops and gets more attention and Bessie feels jealous because he is getting more badges. March 23, 2010
11a Will You Bee Mine? Bessie gets a crush, but the cool girls try to take him away from her. March 24, 2010
11b I Wanna Bee A Movie Star! Bessie gets a role in a movie , and she gets her movie badge! March 24, 2010
12a I Have To Bee At The Camp-Out The Honeybees are having a camp-out at a famous spot, but only the older girls are allowed to go, so Bessie has to look old. March 25, 2010
12b I'll Bee Back Bessie gets so caught up in earning badges that she forgets to care of Happy. He decides that this new life was to good to last and goes back to his old way of life. Bessie now has to figure a way to win back Happy's trust. March 25, 2010
13a Gotta Get That Bee It's April Fool's Day and Portia decides it would be a funny prank to give Happy fleas. Bessie gets over protective of Happy and decides to prank Portia back. She forgot that her mom is the troop leader. After the prank is done Bessie faces a problem of being kicked out of her troop and all Honeybee troops for good. March 26, 2010
13b I Need To Bee Pretty There is a Makeover Badge, so Bessie makes Ben and Happy give her a makeover, but it turns out to make her hideous. Bessie is upset with Ben and Happy, so they make her the prettiest girl in town, and she gets the badge! March 26, 2010
14a Bee Sting Bessie is tired of Portia and Gwen pulling pranks on her so she attempts to get revenge. March 27, 2010
14b One Rockin Bee Bessie tries out to be in a band but she isn't that good. She always is hanging around with them talking about their music and when the next practice will be. When the band finally tells her that she is terrible. Bessie tries to start her own band (Her, Happy, Ben, and Penny) and enters them in the battle of the bands. March 27, 2010
15 I Wanna Bee Like You Bessie wishes that she can be popular, but she does not realize that her wish is coming true... but what happens when she and Portia switch bodies? April 15, 2010
16a I Will Bee Okay Bessie gets in a little accident, and Ben shows much sympathy and care, as does Happy, and Gwen, and her Mom, and Penny, and even Portia. Bessie feels very loved, and sees that people actually care about her. April 29, 2010
16b We Wanna Bee Cool Happy falls in love with Portia's dog, and so Bessie must get into the 'cool crowd' to get Happy close to her. April 29, 2010
17a B' Is For Brie A new kid named Brie joins the honeybees and she is exactly like Bessie, which makes Bessie jealous. May 18, 2010
17b The Mighty A A girl named Artie Huggentop moves to San Fransisco. And she calls herself "The Mighty A". The rivaly between her and Bessie begins when they meet. She and Portia/Gwen become instant friends because she's an enemy of Bessie. Now Bessie must do whatever she can to outsmart/humiliate her. And Penny assisted her. May 18, 2010
18a Voice Of The Bees Bessie slips on the sidewalk and suddenly, her lisp disappears and she becomes popular. But when Ben and Happy don't like the new Bessie, they try to make her slip on the sidewalk again to make her get her lisp back. June 12, 2010
18b Quiting The Bees Bessie starts to give up on earning every badge. She most makes the decision where to quit or not. June 12, 2010
19a UnHappy Happy doesn't get much attention and runs away. Bessie and Ben look for him. But Happy was found by someone else. The guy who found him took care of him but renamed him, but as soon as he finds the "Lost Dog" Posters that Bessie and Ben put up, he tries to find Bessie. June 12, 2010
19a Beeing The Hero Bessie saves a new dog and everyone calls her the "Mighty B!" June 12, 2010
20a iBee Bessie starts her own Web Show and erans her web show badge. July 12, 2010
20b To Bee Declared Bessie wants to make a new bagde but it up to everyone else to decide I Want To Bee A Model: Bessie trys to be a model because Portia and Gwen are. July 12, 2010

Season 2: 2010-2011Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
21a Neither a Borrower Nor A Lender Bee Bessie borrows money from people and can't pay it back. What will she do for money? July 30, 2010
21b Spare Me A Penny This boy tries to win Penny's heart in every way. But how will Penny feel about it? July 30, 2010
22a Beegone Bessie gets kicked out of the Honeybees for accidently setting Ms. Gibbons's trailer on fire. The only way they'll let her back in, with all her badges, is if she can pay for the damages. So she looks for a job. August 12, 2010
22b Bee-utiful Dreamer Bessie has nightmares for eating expired pizza. But then she takes the wrong medicine at the doctor, and starts dreaming peacefully. When Ben and Happy hate to see her so happy and well rested, they try to make her eat another slice of expired pizza. August 13, 2010
23a With Two Extra Eyes Gwen is upset when she has to wear glasses so Bessie comforts her and they become friends. August 14, 2010
23b Bessie's Mom Has Got It Goin' On A man falls for Bessie's mom but Bessie, Ben and Happy don't want anyone except their real dad so they try to disgust the man falling for their mom.  August 15, 2010
24a Bee-ing Able to See Bessie's glasses break, and Bessie can't face the dangers of the world without them. So she gets contacts, and she becomes popular. But some people hate her more this way. Should Bessie go back to wearing glasses? September 24, 2010
24b The Revenge of Finagre Finagre (Finger's evil twin) returns to get revenge on him and her. September 25, 2010
25a Bee-ware of Germs Bessie learns about germs and how they are invisible and located practically everywhere. She turns into a clean-freak. But Bessie will soon learn there's nothing to worry about. September 26, 2010
25b A Saturday To Bee Bessie plans for the perfect Saturday, which turns out as a disaster. September 27, 2010
26a Bessie's Twin Bessie thinks that one of the kids in her Honeybees group is her long lost sister because she has a dog named Flappy and also loves the Mighty B! October 18, 2010
26b The Princess and the Bessie Bessie runs into a rich girl named Leslie who looks just like her. October 18, 2010
27a Happy's Twin Bessie finds Happy's twin sister. November 13, 2010
27b Gum Trouble Bessie has trouble chewing gum. November 13, 2010
28a Bee My Guest Bessie must take care of an obnoxious elderly lady in order to get her Elderly Care badge. Janurary 19, 2011
28b Lights, Camera, Bee! Bessie and Penny make a movie in order to get their Hollywood Jerk Badges. Janurary 19, 2011
29 Bee My Valentine Bessie and her friends celebrate Valentine's Day.  Feburary 14, 2011
30a Bee-ing Rich of Awesome Bessie wins a million dollars in a lottery. But will it all go to her head? Feburary 26, 2011
30b Bee-sketball When Bessie joins the Honeybee basketball team but, how will it all turn out when Portia and Gwen try to savatage the game? Feburary 26, 2011
31a Beeing The Step-Daughter Bessie does not want her mom to get re-married, so she, Ben and Happy make plans to ruin their dates. March 12, 2011
31b Beeing Twins Bessie meets her long lost sister. March 12, 2011
32a Bessie the Movie Star Bessie tries out for a role in a movie and when she gets it, she realizes that she will become famous! But will the fame go to her head? March 23, 2011
32b Too Fat to Bee For Penny, being fat has it's pros. But it has it's cons too. So after she starts to hate it, she tries to lose weight and get as skinny as possible. But people start hating the new Penny after a while. So Bessie tries to make her fat again. March 23, 2011
33a Bee-ing a Pop Star Bessie manages Portia singing career. April 1, 2011
33b [[The Little Bee Who Could A little grl named Susan follows Bessie around to become the Mighty B's sidekick, but how can Bessie tell her to go away? Meanwhile, Ben and Happy struggle to prepare homemade kibbles. April 1, 2011
34a The Girl Who Cried Bee Portia and Gwen pranked the other bees by saying that there was a sworm of actual stinging and buzzing bees heading for the camp. But then real bees come and the other campers don't believe them anymore. They all got stung and formed a line for the medical room. April 12, 2011
34b None of Your Mighty Beeswax! Bessie becomes secretive about her dream of becoming the Mighty B because Portia and Gwen ridicule her for it. Of course, being hyperactive and "Bessie-like", she goes overboard with protecting her secret. April 12, 2011
35a Bee Without Her Hive The Hive at the top of Bessie's apartment is burned down in a fire. Now Bessie has no place to hang out. What will she do while the rebuild it? May 9, 2011
35b Hypo Bee When Bessie watches a tape on hypnotism at a Honeybee troop meeting, she decides to hypnotize her mom into getting her a new bicycle.  May 9, 2011
36a I Must Bee Strong Portia's cousin, Chelsea, returns. This time, Portia must show her what a good cousin she can be. After few screw-ups, even with Gwen's help, she has no choice but to get Bessie's help. How will Bessie help her? June 20, 2011
36b Don't Try To Bee Someone You're Not Bessie notices she isn't very popular and acts like Portia to become popular. June 20, 2011
37a Go Bees! Bessie tries out for the Honeybee pep squad. After constant rejects, she tries giving herself a makeover (that ultimately fails, because she's Bessie).  July 4, 2011
37b In A Mess Bessie, Ben and Happy get dirty. July 4, 2011
38a Bee Older Bessie wants to rent the only movie that the Honeybee Inc. has ever made. Portia has replaced the age requirement label, which makes Bessie have to imitate an adult in order to rent it. July 13, 2011
38b The Mighty Gwen! Gwen, because of her secret heart of gold, saves Happy from choking on a bone. Bessie tries to repay her by following Gwen around. How can Gwen explain her deed to Bessie to Portia? July 13, 2011
39a The Not-So-Sweet Lies of Bessie and Penny Bessie and Penny are obsessed with a sitcom. The stars are coming to San Francisco, but only big actors are allowed to meet them. Bessie and Penny extravagantly lie about their career as movie stars, but how long can they keep of this facade of fame? August 4, 2011
39b Icy Bee Bessie gets trapped in a snow storm. August 4, 2011
40a Bessie Cries Too Much After a car accident, Bessie seems to have a phobia about cars and whails for no reason. August 19, 2011
40b The Bessie and Happy Show Bessie and Happy star on their own show.

Season 3: 2011-2012Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
41a Hannah H. Higgenbottom Bessie's cousin, Hannah, comes and stays with the Higgenbottoms for a few days. November 12, 2011
41b The Blind Bee Bessie becomes blind and Millie, Gwen, Penny and Portia spend more time with Finger than to Bessie. November 12, 2011
42a Bee Loss Bessie loses her memory and Ben, Happy, and Penny tries to help her get it back. January 7, 2012
42b Sing for the Beeusical Bessie tries to perform a Honeyscout musical. January 7, 2012
43a Turn Mighty Read January 15, 2012
43b Forever Bessie January 15, 2012
44a Late Honeybee Scout January 29, 2012
44b Bessie Never Day January 29, 2012
45a Friendship Popularity A new kid called Dewald moves to San Francisco and Bessie tries to make him be her friend, but Portia doesn't like that idea. February 13, 2012
45b  The Happy Sleepy Bee Bessie tries to get some oil underground from and oil rig to earn a badge, but to get the badge she has to stay awake to get the first drop which is very hard for her. February 13, 2012
46a El Badgeo, Boom Bee A new kid called Oliver Mcdonald joins the honeybees and decides to earn his first badge, but when he can't find an easy one bessie decides to help. February 28, 2012
46b Beeing Organized Bessie has to make a list of all the annoying things that happen during one of her days so she can get 100 bee bucks, but when she decides to make the list in her head, she has a hard time remembering the number she stopped at. February 28, 2012
47a A Tale of Two Badges Bessie turns out to get two badges. March 7, 2012
47b Father's Day Worship Gwen is scared to tell the Honeybees that Mr. Wu is her father. March 7, 2012
48a The Beach Bees Bessie and the honeybees go to the beach. March 18, 2012
48b The Star-Spangled Bees March 18, 2012
49/50 What A Bee Wants March 30, 2012
51a A Day with Gilbert April 9, 2012
51b Things That Go Bessie In The Night April 9, 2012
52a Scary Circus Bessie is afraid to attend a scary circus.  April 10, 2012
52b Drowning Bessie Bessie almosts drowns at a water slide theme park. April 10, 2012
53a Bessie-bot Bessie becomes a robot. April 11, 2012
53b Coming to Beemerica April 11, 2012
54a The Trouble with Ben April 12, 2012
54b A Bessie Cartoon April 12, 2012
55a An American Bee April 13, 2012
55b The Cupid Bees April 13, 2012
56a The Mighty Play The Honeybee Camp is putting on a play. And Bessie wants in. But Portia and Gwen don't want her in because they say that she can't act. She auditions for a part she wants, but Portia gets her part, and Bessie freaks out like she did in: Sweet Sixteenth. At home, Bessie auditions for the part she got. But then, Right in the middle of the play, Portia accidently falls off the stage and breaks her leg. And Bessie must fill in. Bessie screws up, the audience hates it, and how will Bessie save the play? April 20, 2012
56b Honeybeeland The Honeybees open a new theme park for themselves. April 20, 2012
57a The Pretty Pink Princess Ponies April 27, 2012
57b The Penny Of The Bees! April 27, 2012
58a Buzz Of Bessie May 4, 2012
58b It Shall Bee May 4, 2012
59/60 Bessie Got 'em All Series finale. Bessie finally collects every badge possible. And she wins the rank of: The Mighty B, but that means she will have to leave the Honeybee Camp. And Penny is sad to see her go. But Portia and Gwen think: Good Riddance. Anyway, Bessie soon starts to miss her friends at Honeybee Camp. So Penny then tries to collect all the badges. But has difficulties. But then, Bessie actually becomes The Mighty B and becomes popular...

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