Season 1: 2008-2009
# (series) # (individual) Episode Description Original
1 1 So Happy Together First Apperances: Bessie, Hilary, Ben, Hippie, Mr. Wu, Rocky, Penny, Portia, Gwen, Mrs. Gibbons, Happy and Anton St. Germain April 5, 2008
2 Sweet Sixteenth First Apperances: Nisa, Satha, Tigerlily, Marie, Molly, Jean and Millie
2 3 Bee My Baby First Apperances: Roxxy and Gwen's siblings. April 6, 2008
4 Matilda Bessie meets a new british honeybee named Matilda who makes weapons of mass destruction.
First Apperances: Matilda, Jerry and Mum
3 5 Artificial Unintelliegence First Apperances: Emily April 11, 2008
6 Bee Afraid
4 7 Lil' Orphan Happy First Apperances: Rose April 18, 2008
8 We Got the Bee First Apperances: Shaymus and Gerry
5 9 Bat Mitzvah Crashers First Apperances: Chelsea April 25, 2008
10 Super Secret Weakness
6 11 An I See Bee First Apperances: Fortune Teller May 2, 2008
12 Woodward & Beestein
7 13 Doppelfinger First Apperances: Fingurre May 9, 2008
14 Little Womyn
8 15 The Apprentice May 16, 2008
16 Beenadict Arnold
9 17 Boston Beean First Apperances: Sissy Sullivan May 23, 2008
18 Penny Hearts Joey First Apperances: Joey and Chai Gallenger
10 19 Ten Little Honeybees May 30, 2008
20 Dirty Happy
11 21 Hat Trick June 6, 2008
22 Body Rockers
12 23 Apoxalypse Now! June 13, 2008
24 Hive Jacked
13 25 Name Shame First Apperances: Donald and Mr. Pants June 20, 2008
26 Something Wrong with This Taffy
14 27 To Bee or Not to Bee June 23, 2008
28 Bee Patients First Apperance: Doctor June 24, 2008
15 29 Thanksgiving Beenanactment Thanksgiving episode June 25, 2008
30 Eye of the Honeybee June 26, 2008
16 31 Blindsided June 27, 2008
32 Hen & Bappy July 5, 2008
17 33 Ben Appetit July 11, 2008
34 Dang, It's Great to Be a Gamer
18 35 Portrait of a Happy July 18, 2008
36 O Say Can Bess See
19 37 Macro Mayhem July 25, 2008
38 Ben Screams for Ice Cream
20 39 Night Howl November 29, 2008
40 B-Chip
21 41 Bee Nice November 29, 2008
42 What's the Frequency, Bessie?
22 43 Mr. Turtleton's Wild Ride January 9, 2009
44 Man of the Hive While Bessie goes to an all-nighter at the rec center, she puts Ben in charge of the Hive.
23 45 Catatonic Halloween special October 24, 2008
24 46 Awww-esome January 16, 2009
47 Dogcatcher in the Rye
25 48 Higginbottom$' 7 January 23, 2009
49 Bess-E First Apperances: Robot-Bessie
26 50 The Bone Identity January 30, 2009
51 Can You Spare a Penny? Penny quits being a honeybee after Portia refuses to give her money after a bet.
27 52 Public Enembee February 27, 2009
53 The Boy Who Cried Bee Ben keeps bothering Bessie for every little thing.
28 54 One Million Years Bee.C. March 6, 2009
55 Hive Night Bessie gets bored and decides to just hang out in the Hive...but for how long?
29 56 Pimple Panic Bessie drags Happy, Penny, Roxxy, Nisa, Tigerlily, Satha and Gwen into "helping" her get rid of Portia's pimple before picture day...which is tomorrow. March 13, 2009
57 Sweetest Tooth Portia tries to take Penny's tooth out for money.
30 58 The Twilight Hive Bessie turns the Hive into a haunted house for the Scared to Death Badge. March 20, 2009
59 Bear Less Bessie goes on a search for Mr. Pants so that Ben would stop whining and crying.
31 60 A Mighty B! Christmas Christmas special December 12, 2008
32 61 Dragonflies March 27, 2009
Season 2: 2009-2010
33 62 Light's Out Bessie and Penny drag Portia into a sleepover when the power in San Francisco goes out. June 8, 2009
63 Hippie on the Silver Screen Bessie helps the Hippie become a movie star. June 9, 2009
34 64 Cleanliness is Bessiness Bessie tries to get clean after her shower gets broken. June 10, 2009
65 Shampooched Bessie tries to give Happy a bath, again. June 11, 2009
35 66 Sleepless in San Francisco June 12, 2009
67 Finger Pickin' Bad September 11, 2010
36 68 Grumpy Old Bees July 25, 2009
69 Franken Bee Bessie tries to revive Emily for a major Science Fair.
37 70 The Brat from B.E.A.V.E.R.S. The beavers send Ronnie to spy on the Honeybees during Mrs. Gibbons's emergency alert and her leaving the girls alone in the rec center. August 1, 2009
71 Beaver Talk The beavers start a webshow.
38 72 I'm with Penny August 8, 2009
73 The Billboard Incident Bessie and friends are forced to make a billboard for the honeybees.
39 74 No T-Bones 'Bout It Happy goes insane after Hilary takes away his steak privileges. August 15, 2009
75 An American Bee Bessie tries to be friends with a new honeybee from Russia, Bela.
First Apperance: Bela
40 76 Hive Copier Portia makes a Hive of her own and everyone likes her's better than Bessie's. August 22, 2009
77 Bee the Seal Penny knocks her head and acts like a seal so Bessie and friends have to turn Penny back to normal.
41 78 Bees of the Future Bessie, Happy, Ben and Portia travel to the year 3000. August 29, 2009
79 Journey into the Center of Happy Bessie and co. accidentally shrink themselves and travel through Happy's body.
42 80 Bat Mitzvah Planners Bessie, Happy, Penny, Roxxy, Nisa and Bela are put in charge of Chelsea's friend's bat mitzvah. September 21, 2009
81 Fleas Amok Happy's fleas take over Bessie's house. September 22, 2009
43 82 Look into My Bees Portia uses a hypnospear to hypnotize Bessie into being her servant. September 23, 2009
83 To Ride a Bully Portia starts getting bullied and Bessie tries to help. September 24, 2009
44 84 Wimped September 25, 2009
85 Dial B for Bee Bessie gets a cell phone and gets addicted to it.
45 86 It's B's Party January 1, 2010
87 Children of the Unicorn
46 88 Trading Places Bessie trades places with a princess from another country named Leslie. January 15, 2010
47 89 Bessie makes a website to get a badge, but there's a virus on the loose. January 29, 2010
90 Worst Book Ever Bessie gets abssessed with a book in which only hyper fangirls like.
48 91 Bad to the Bee June 18, 2010
92 Hive of Darkness
49 93 Bump in the Night Penny visits Portia's house in the middle of the night to annoy her, not on purpose, though. July 2, 2010
94 The Subway Bessie, Happy, Penny, Roxxy and Portia are trapped in a subway during a field trip.
50 95 Paintball Effect Bessie, Happy, Penny, Roxxy, Nisa and Bela get in the middle of paintball fight between the Honeybees and the Beavers. July 9, 2010
96 Ben the Tough In order to get Bessie to definatley pick him as her sidekick, Ben gets stronger and takes advantage of it.
51 97 Space Evaders July 18, 2010
98 YiPs
52 99 The League of Ordinary Gents Bessie wants to join a Gentlemen's club. But, Portia being the only women allowed (at least according to her) tries all she can to get her to fail, so then Bessie decides to form a Non-Gentlemen's club. July 23, 2010
100 Irritable Bowling Syndrome
53 101 It's a No Horse World Bessie buys a horse. August 6, 2010
102 Bang the Drum Timely
54 103 Cuffed Bessie and Portia are accidentally cuffed together.
First Apperances: Cuff-Breaking Robot
August 13, 2010
104 Outlaw Bee Bessie, after being late, turns into an outlaw
55 105 Who Shaved the Cat Bessie and friends are put in charge of Chelsea's cat. August 20, 2010
106 It's Bee or the Dog Bessie is put on a reality show with Happy.
56 107 Sleepwalk This Way Bessie tries to keep a secret from Penny. But, she sleepwalks in the middle of the night to Penny's house. August 27, 2010
108 The Penny in the Haystack
57 109 11 Minutes to Live Portia and Gwen tell gullible Bessie that she only has 24 hours to live. November 27, 2010
110 Plugged Bessie tries to find an open outlet for her plug-in unicorn toy.
58 111 Gorillas in the Midst November 27, 2010
Season 3: 2010-2012
59 112 Quest for the Thing Ben, Rocky, Bela, Sissy, Emily and Cherry wake up to find themselves stuck in a deep dark cave. Cherry has amnesia so she can't remember who she is. So, they navigate through the cave, only to find...a thing! February 25, 2011
60 113 Fingurre Returns Fingurre returns...yeah.
Final Apperances: Fingurre
September 18, 2010
114 Amnesia Bessie gets amnesia...again, pretty much it.
61 115 Neighbor from Hal Hal tries to become friends with Bessie in order to get a raise from his boss. March 4, 2011
116 Penny for Sale
62 117 Dating a Beaver Portia is forced to go on a date with a beaver scout. March 11, 2011
118 Air B Bessie makes a model plane but everyone thinks it's a toy plane.
63 119 Relax! Bessie tries to relax. March 18, 2011
120 Mommy's Little Stinker
64 121 The Other Birds In an omage to The Birds, a flock of crows follow Bessie where ever she goes during a very cold day. March 25, 2011
122 Matilda's Happy Place Bessie, Happy, Penny, Roxxy, Nisa and Bela go to Matilda's room even though she said it's forbidden...except for Portia.
65 123 Badgeless Bessie goes insane while trying to earn a badge after realizing she hasn't earned a badge in a week. April 1, 2011
124 Gibbons Gonna Gag! Mrs. Gibbons tries to not get fired after leaving Roxxy in charge.
66 125 Badgey & Claude Portia convinces Bessie to steal badges. April 8, 2011
126 A Rebel without a Blanket Bessie, Happy, Ben, Penny, Rocky, Roxxy, Nisa, Bela, Tigerlily and Portia are dragged into helping Matilda find her blanket.
67 127 Portia's Tonsoles Portia tries to escape the hospital before getting her tonsoles out. April 15, 2011
128 Battle for the Badge Since Bessie, Roxxy and Nisa earned the badge, they fight for it.
68 129 Sidetracked Bessie has to get groceries but she keeps getting sidetracked. April 21, 2011
130 Roxxy's Crazy Night
69 131 Fellowship Beeanactment Bessie and friends, playing Middle Earth, have to bring the Honeybee taffy to the rec center after the taffy truck breaks down. July 1, 2011
132 All-Nighter After the Meeting Bessie drags the other honeybees to an all-nighter to prove that it's not haunted.
70 133 The Pinnacle of Pennies Bessie tries to get mini flashbacks of what her ancestors were like. When it does, it turns out that all of the founders of San Francisco are relatives of Penny. July 8, 2011
134 Moving Away Bessie tries to stop Portia and her family from moving to Maine.
71 135 Getting Less Cute Roxxy tries to make herself cutter after thinking she's getting less cute. July 15, 2011
136 Cheated Portia and Gwen blackmail Bessie for helping a Junebug scout.
72 137 Millie in a Half-Shell Millie learns how to stand up for herself and be more assertive. But, the power goes to her head. July 22, 2011
138 Financial Showdown Bessie and co try to raise enough money to keep the rec center.
73 139 Puberty Ben goes through puberty dispite turning only 7. July 28, 2011
140 4 is a Pair Portia holds a contest to see who will be the 4 member of her group (Portia, Gwen & Penny). Bessie eagerly joins the contest, but so does Matilda, Hippie, Bibi, Ronnie, Ben, Chester Turtleton, Rose, Tigerlily, Mona, Satha, Richard & Dick, Gwen's baby brother, Darkness (who is the Black Widow Spiders leader), El Bacala and even Penny's pet rock.
Note: Ronnie and Mona barely say anything while Ben, Chester, Rose, Richard & Dick and Penny's pet rock (which wins, BTW) don't say anything at all.
74 141 Indigobeard Bessie drags some of her friends into becoming pirates only to find a gold nugget. August 5, 2011
142 The Sunshine Gang Ben finally gets to hang out with his heroes, (other than Bessie) The Sunshine Gang. Too bad that they're just as stupid and annoying in real life than they are in the show.
75 143 First Day Bessie's first day as a honeybee. August 12, 2011
144 Out of Time Bessie accidentally changes her clock backwards for Daylights Savings Day and Bessie turns one year less each hour.
76 145 Portia Higginbottom Portia and Bessie's bodies are fused together after testing Matilda's new invention. August 19, 2011
146 Bessie Gibbons Mrs. Gibbons tries to make Portia less whiny by favoring Bessie to make Portia jealous.
77 147 BTV After the TV goes out, Bessie and friends make a TV out of a cardboard box. August 26, 2011
148 Murdock, Sir The day in the life of Murdock.
78 149 Snow Knows Best Bessie and friends play a very serious snowball fight. November 26, 2011
150 The Bone Supremacy
79 151 Forgotten Emily, Robot-Bessie and Cuff-Breaking Robot plot they're revenge against Bessie after being forgotten since they're last apperances.
Final Apperances: Emily, Robot-Bessie and Cuff-Breaking Robot
January 6, 2012
152 Mean Isn't a Color Bessie is forced into a beauty pagent, but Portia is one of the contestants.
80 153 Crushed! Bessie helps Happy get a date with Gwen's dog. January 13, 2012
154 I'll Bee OK When Bessie scraps her knee, Ben shows way too much sympathy and care and becomes overprotective of Bessie.
81 155 Portia's Got a Brand New Bag January 20, 2012
156 Quarrels and Squirrels A squirrel steals Nisa's lucky hair clip and she climbs up a tree to get it back. Bessie, Penny, Roxxy and Bela follow her.
82 157 Piano Bee Hillary hires a "piano instructor" to help Bessie get her Piano Badge. But, even the Instructor doesn't know what he's doing because he's the doctor from Bee Patients. January 27, 2012
158 Gwen & Ben After getting yelled by Bessie, Ben starts being Gwen's sidekick.
83 159 TGI Saturday Bessie tries to have the best Saturday night ever. April 7, 2012
160 A Pennyful of Power Penny is put in charge of the Honeybees for the day and the power goes through her head.
84 161 Pretty Pretty Manager Bessie becomes the manager of the Pretty Pretty Princesses and becomes an bigger money-hungry jerk than Portia. April 8, 2012
162 My Cousin, Chelsea Bessie helps Portia try to show Chelsea that she's just as cool as she is.
85 163 Old Bessie things that she's getting old. April 14, 2012
164 Gwen's a Keeper Gwen saves Happy's life and tries not to let Portia know about it. But, Bessie being really thankful isn't gonna help.
86 165 Between Rocky & A Hard Place Ben tries to get Rocky to not go to his first date after seeing the future. April 15, 2012
166 Hal Breaks Loose Hal spends the majority of the episode getting everything he needs and prepare to get revenge on Bessie.
Note: This is the first episode where Bessie is absent.
87 167 Cheat and Reset Bessie, Happy and Penny hang out with Portia while she's too busy trying to beat the hardest video game ever. June 22, 2012
168 The Girl with the Fake Tatoo Nisa gets a fake tattoo at a birthday party and shows it off at the troop meeting with everyone, except Gwen, thinking that it's real. Bessie tries to remove it, Portia tries to find out where she got it cause she also wants one and Penny and Roxxy just want to touch it.
88 169 Independence Day July 4, 2012
89 170 Joey Returns Final Apperances: Joey August 31, 2012
171 House Party Bessie holds a house party.
90 172 Bessie CD Bessie tries to make a video game video for a badge. September 7, 2012
173 She's a Good Skate, Rocky Rhodes Portia tries out for Ice-skating to impress Rocky.
91 174 The Voice of a Bee Bessie slips on the sidewalk and suddenly, her lisp disappears and she becomes popular. But when Ben and Happy don't like the new Bessie, they try to make her slip on the sidewalk again to make her get her lisp back. September 14, 2012
175 The Masked Mistress Bessie (playing as The Mighty B!) tries to outdo the Masked Mistress (who turns out is Cherry). Meanwhile, Cherry tries to stop the whole Masked Mistress thing and keep being bad, but she can't.
92 176 Evening with Cherry The Dragonflies "babysit" Ben while Bessie and the other bees are at a bowling competition for revenge. September 21, 2012
177 Bees' Court Bessie goes to court. September 11, 2010
93 178 Bessie & Hippie's Bogus Journey Bessie goes pick up some groceries for Hilary but the Hippie decides to tagalong. September 28, 2012
Season 4: 2012-2014
94 179 Satha and Marie Satha and Marie team up to throw Tigerlily a party.
Note: This is the second episode Bessie is absent from.
November 23, 2012
180 Hay Penny Penny starts saving her allowance and soon starts to become a greedy hoarder.
95 181 Pretty Rainbowy Fairy Princess Ponies Bessie starts getting addicted to the girlest cartoon in the whole world. November 26, 2012
182 Call of the Cooties Roxxy starts to realize that Ben doesn't love her and Portia tricks her into thinking that it's because she has cooties. November 27, 2012
96 183 Party Bessie gets addicted to parties so much that she forgets about collecting badges. November 28, 2012
184 Squashed Bessie tries to conquer being claustrophobic. November 29, 2012
97 185 The Bee & I Bessie is put in charge of the school play. November 24, 2012
98 186 Bee Movie After watching a movie about Miriam Breedlove and not being impressed, Bessie decides to make a new one. November 25, 2012
187 Stalk-umentary Bessie and Roxxy decides to do a documentary on Ben, but follows him everywhere.
99 188 The Bone Ultimatum K.G. Bianca goes to therapy to deal with Happy's leaving. December 1, 2012
189 Pay Ya Later Bessie borrows money from Portia.
100-101 190-191 Stuffed Happens When Ben mistakenly thinks that Bessie is making Happy her sidekick, he decides to become her nemesis.
Final Apperances: Mr. Pants
November 30, 2012
102 192 Ben-a-ful Bessie tries to find Ben a new friend. May 3, 2013
193 Kidnapped Bessie, Happy, Roxxy and the gang try to rescue Ben and Portia from Hal.
103 194 Bright as a New Penny Penny becomes smart and Bessie becomes jealous. May 10, 2013
195 Four Eyes on the Ball Bessie, Portia, Penny, Roxxy, Nisa, Bela, Gwen, Matilda, Satha and Tigerlily have to get their baseball back from Alcatraz after Bessie hits the ball too hard.
104 196 World War B Bessie and the other Honeybees play pretend World War. May 17, 2013
197 Beeing a Bee A training video for Honeybee scouts.
105 198 Mona Nisa Portia takes advantage of Nisa's painting skills. May 24, 2013
199 Penny, Is This Really Your Life? In order to cheer up Penny, Bessie creates a set of videos showing how great Penny is. The only problem is that each clip ends in her doing something stupid.
106 200 The Parent Nap Bessie and Ben try to wake Hilary up so they can go to the toy store. May 31, 2013
201 Wimp Bessie tries to get Ben and Happy in shape for a competition.
107 202 Call Me Messie Portia bets Bessie that she can go without calling her Messie longer than Bessie can go without absessing over badges. June 7, 2013
203 Rocked DVD Rocky and Ben try to return a DVD.
Note: This is the third and last episode Bessie is absent from.
108 204 Poker, Mon! Bessie bets the rec center on a poker game against the Dragonflies. June 14, 2013
205 Bad Again, Bessie Bessie decides to be bad again. Only this time, nobody cares.
109 206 Snowed-In Day Bessie and the honeybees get snowed in at the rec center and start to go crazy. June 21, 2013
207 Pretend Wedding Crashers Bessie and Penny try to get to Matilda and Murdock's pretend wedding to deliver they're gift.
110 208 Who's Lenny? Penny finds her long-lost twin brother, Lenny. June 28, 2013
209 Sassy Cats Bessie finds a bunch of stray kitties and bring them in forgetting Happy's vendetta against cats.
111 210 Chai-Bye Chai Gallanger gets replaced by Hippie. July 5, 2013
211 Highway to Hal K.G. Bianca and Hal team up to get rid of Bessie and steal Happy only to find out near the end of the episode that they've just wasted they're time bothering and stalking a little girl (Bessie) and her pet (Happy) and decide to actually do something with they're lives.
Final Apperances: K.G. Bianca and Hal
112 212 I, Beebot Bessie thinks that Mrs. Gibbons plans to replace her and the other honeybees with robots. July 12, 2013
213 Shut Up and Swim After nearly drowning in the pool, Roxxy becomes traumatized and scared of pretty much everything. So, Bessie has to help Roxxy learn how to swim again.
113 214 Where the Weapons Are Matilda gets rid of all her weapons but she starts to miss them. July 19, 2013
215 Musk Rakers Bessie and Nisa try out Rocky's colon and people soon start getting attracted to them.
Final Apperances: Shaymus, Gerry and Mona
114 216 The Return of the Masked Mistress Cherry tries to get rid of her alternate identity, the Masked Mistress.
Final Apperances: Lisa Millerson
July 26, 2013
217 Elementary, My Dear Happy Bessie becomes Detective Bessie once again to find Happy's bone.
115 218 Saved by the Gell Ben starts overusing hair gell. August 2, 2013
219 Spelling Bee Bessie joins the Honeybee Spelling Bee.
Final Apperances: Chelsea
116 220 Mighty 911 Bessie pretends to be Roxxy's nanny. August 9, 2013
221 Same Ol' Hippie Mom Bessie, Happy and Ben convince the Hippie to date they're mom, Hilary.
Final Apperances: Rainbow
117 222 Wanna-bee Final Apperances: The Butterflies and the Junebugs August 16, 2013
223 9 Again Hilary becomes 9-years-old again so she can bond with Bessie.
118 224 Twinsanity Bessie hangs out with Portia's brothers, Richard & Dick.
Final Apperances: The Sugar Boys
August 23, 2013
225 In and Out Penny and Portia get handcuffed and Bessie needs to help.
Final Apperances: Chester Turtleton
119 226 Bessie Flips Bessie does gymnastics in order to be flexible and strong after seeing a beautiful gymnast on TV. Bessie's mother says that she needs more practice. Will she make the gymnastics team and succeed? Or will she be counted out?
Final Apperances: Miriam Breedlove and Mr. Griff
August 30, 2013
227 Don Valentine's Day episode
A boy named Don tries to win Bessie's heart but keeps failing, all without Bessie noticing.
First Apperances: Don
Final Apperances: Murdock
120 228 A Bee Without Her Hive The Hive at the top of Bessie's apartment is burned down in a fire. Now Bessie has no place to hang out. What will she do while they rebuild it?
Final Apperances: Chai Gallenger
September 6, 2013
229 Scary Circus Bessie helps Millie overcome her fear of clowns.
Final Apperances: Millie
121 230 A Bee in the Bush Portia and Gwen drag Bessie to scare the Beavers during they're camping day.
Final Apperances: The Beavers
September 13, 2013
231 Misfortune Teller A fortune teller tells Bessie she won't be the Mighty B.
Final Apperances: Fortune Teller
122 232 A Mighty New Year New Years' Eve special
Bessie tries to stay up the whole night at New Years' Eve to earn the Up All Night on New Years' badge.
Final Apperances: Richard and Dick, Mr. Wu, Gwen's Siblings, Mr. Lefcowitz, Matilda's Mom, Jerry and Roxxy's parents
December 27, 2013
123 234 Un-Bela Bessie tries to stop Bela from moving back to Russia.
Final Apperances: Bela's mom
January 26, 2014
235 A Tale of Two Badges Bessie accidentally gets 2 badges and tries to tell Mrs. Gibbons but she ignores it. Soon, the guilt gets the best of her.
Final Apperances: Donald
124 236 Gibbons Bee Gone Mrs. Gibbons gets fired and replaced by an even more stricter teacher.
Final Apperances: Jean
January 27, 2014
237 Don't Bee Late Bessie becomes guilty after being 2 seconds late.
Final Apperances: Nisa's dad
125 238 UnHappy Happy runs away after being neglected.
Final Apperances: Sissy and Marie
January 28, 2014
239 Go, Portia, Go! (and Don't Come Back!) After getting shocked by thunder, Portia becomes a nice person and tries to correct all of the bad things she did in the past.
Final Apperances: Anton St. Germain and Molly
126 240 The Bone Legacy While at the vet, Happy's life is played before his eyes.
Final Apperances: Rose, Doctor and Nurse
January 29, 2014
241 C'mon, Get Happy! Bessie and Happy plan to celebrate the anniversary of becoming best friends.
Final Apperances: Hippie and Don
127 242 Bessie Gets the Boot Bessie is banned from the Honeybees after doing something "heinous" so she has to do various jobs and go through real-life adult problems in order to get back in (Of course, after saying that she would rather be an adult).
Final Apperances: Rocky
January 30, 2014
128-130 243-245 Cherry's Revenge
(Series Finale)
Mrs. Gibbons announces that the Bees will be earning their final badge before summer is over, the Heroine Badge. Bessie, now realizing that she only has one more badge before she can become The Mighty B!, she sturggles to find something heroic to do. Meanwhile, the Dragonflies, who are now roomies with the Black Widow Spiders, finally plot their revenge. They decide to just take the Rec Center without even confronting the Bees. The bees decide that they need to earn back the rec center fair and square, again. So, they have another Chelsea Challenge, again. Only, this time, since Chelsea isn't involved, it's a bigger and longer battle divided into 15 different challenges. The bees keep losing while the Dragonflies keep winning. The final match is a brawl. With the other honeybees being too cowardly to fight, it's up to Bessie in her Mighty B sequence thing. But, Cherry signals thousands upon thousands of more Dragonflies. So, Bessie of course loses, then the other Honeybees see this and decide to fight. After being defeated, Cherry and the Dragonflies see that the Honeybees aren't as cowardly as they thought so the Honeybees and the Dragonflies become friends. Bessie then realizes that she has done something heroic and will get the Heroine Badge. A ceremony is held, offering Bessie the badge and the chance to become The Mighty B!. But, after thinking things through, she decides that she doesn't want to be The Mighty B! anymore and that the journey to get to her goal was more better than the goal itself. But, she still gets the badge. The episode ends with Bessie in her room with Happy getting ready for school tomorrow and Bessie wondering what would've been if she accepted to become The Mighty B! when they look out the window and see a trail of honey through the sky.
Final Apperances: Bessie, Happy, Ben, Hillary, Finger, Penny, Roxxy, Nisa, Bela, Portia, Matilda, Gwen, Satha, Tigerlily, Mrs. Gibbons, Cherry, Maude, Bibi, Laurie, Cha-cha and Darkness
January 31, 2014