This is a list of episodes from the FAKE third season of The Mighty B!. In this season, Bessie And Happy's skin colors are returned to the way it was in Season 1 and 2 new characters are introduced, Messy Stinkenbottom: the first 6-year-old of the troop who's innocently naïve and has a huge crush on Ben And Messie Stinkenbottom: a 10-year-old british honeybee with a desire for destruction. The background honeybees such as Nisa, Tigerlily, Satha, ect. are given personalities and stuff to say. Also, Bessie, Ben, Portia, Penny, Neon, Messie, Neon, Nisa, Tigerlily, Molly And Millie are given rosy cheeks and Bessie is given freckles, a yellow shirt and brown skirt instead of just the yellow dress.

Season 3: 2017-2018Edit

# Title Summary Airdate
1 New Year Day Bessie celebrates his birthday January 1st 2017.
Debut Apperances: Mr. Wu, Hilary Higgenbottom, The Hippie, Donald The Postman, Robot-Portia Gibbons and Robot-Gwen Wu
January 1, 2017
Bessierella Debut Apperances: Tom Mouse, Jerry Mouse and Shaymus
2 Valentine's Day Bessie sings a theme song ''SpongeBob theme song''. February 14, 2018
Happy Calling ''And There'' Happy Higgenbottom yelling Call There to listen Chai Gallenger test her Happy singing ''The National Anthem'' and music stops rips off pants.
3 Bad Work Bessie and his friends saving a trap to evil bad blood. February 22, 2018
Traps All Everyone saving the cage to Mr. Evil Pants.
4 Lil' Team Girl Bessie takes the school change to voice Ben's girlfriend Neon. May 10, 2017
Robot in the machine Together watching the short movie to play some machine.
5 Who About Is This Bessie enters the gas station to reminds segment ''Bat Mitvah Circus'' to enters dance with music segment ''Fashion Show'' to dancing strange wins the contest. May 17, 2017
Super Secret Weakness Horror Bessie's nightmare to bad dream with zucchini calls him to back bed To scare Bessie.
6 It's Bad Bad Bad Day Bessie and his friends trying to destroyed into the broken his screen. May 24, 2017
Danger in the bad zone Bessie saves to help us traps into the danger get out of the evidence.
7 Sick Captured Penny Penny attacks to trap into the pets vs aliens advances to cold-sicked. May 31, 2017
Bad Scared, In Terror Bessie saves a broken tooth he loses a temper tantrum with Mr. Wu's room to take a away him.
8 The Death of lose point Part 1 puts a piano to scary and trapped by Bessie and Happy. April 10, 2018
The Death of lose point Part 2 All betrays Emily to ruined away saving everyone.
9 Rescue by the Bessie and his friends Part 1 Bessie and his friends pushes a ladder down a fire to coming back to house. June 23, 2018
Rescue to the Bessie and his friends Part 2 Dragonflies finds the race him start line for challenge to he finishes his race to back home after Bessie's house to win The Winner Badge.
10 Come inside the House Ben runs away and started panic to Mrs Gibbons and Anton to finding Bessie's house to cuts trapped Gwen Wu. May 7, 2018
11 into the Pains Bessie saves to broken nose Happy's nose broken finding Anton finds to loose her tooth. September 12, 2017
At find to the School Bessie insides into the school to Happy puts the necklace to winner is The Friends Forever.
12 The Other Side of the Evil Part 1 Bessie, Gwen, Penny and Portia puts in a just scare afraid to nightmare blood.
Final Apperances: Anton St. Germain, Mrs. Gibbons, Satha and Richard and Dick
July 22, 2018
The Other Side of the Evil Part 2 Bessie and his friends traps into the house save and takes to danger back home with Mom and Dad.
Note: I love this end credits to put Paper Kite Productions, Polka Dot Pictures [reindeer] and Nickelodeon logos Taken from The Mighty B on Nickelodeon UK.
13 Tiny Sidekick Bessie puts an appears into the house. Debut Apperances Hilary Higgenbottom and Taffy May 27, 2018
Robot-Penny Lefcowitz Portia traps into the house scared to afraid into the saving time to dancing her party room.
14 Name Covering Bessie puts to storybooks read Taffy Temple. June 22, 2018
Something's Wrong With This Dance Bessie, Happy and Ben dances to show with dance floor. wins the Dance Party Badge.
15 Come on Mr. Pants It's Me Ben finds the gadget to Mr. Pants catching the net. November 24, 2017
16 A Trip To The Danger Bessie saves Gwen to trapping to evidence finds both's pain.
Final Apperances: Girl from Name Shame and Hal
October 6, 2017
Trick Or Treat Bessie dresses up halloween like a cat she's attacking him!
Final Apperances: Robot-Nisa Reddy, Robot-Ben Higgenbottom, Robot-Mr. Pants and Mom and Dad
17 Hairy Sitaution Bessie looks a ghost named hippie potion. Final Apperances The Hippie May 8, 2018
B Plus One Bessie goes a tickets in a rock concert. Song From B Plus One We're The Sugarboys Sung by Sugarboys
18 the One got then stay Bessie stands up to into the road home just into the backfront to way from finds some clues. June 16, 2018
A Pirate's Life For Me Bessie and Happy plays some pirates.
19 Bess-E Bessie puts the robot named Bessie-Bot. May 25, 2018
C'mon Get Happy Bessie and Happy stay love story to friends forever.
Movie The Mighty B Movie [2018] Here is the movie from VHS And DVD April 13, 2018 That movie on Disney XD April 30, 2018 And May 26, 2018 March 20, 2018 [UK/PAL] June 5, 2018 [US]