This is a list of episodes from the FAKE third season of The Mighty B!. In this season, Bessie and Happy's skin colors are returned to the way it was in Season 1 and 2 new characters are introduced, Roxxy: the first 6-year-old of the troop who's innocently naïve and has a huge crush on Ben and Matilda: a 10-year-old british honeybee with a desire for destruction. The background honeybees such as Nisa, Tigerlily, Satha, ect. are given personalities and stuff to say. Also, Bessie, Ben, Portia, Penny, Cherry, Sissy, the Beavers, Roxxy, Matilda, Jerry, Nisa, Tigerlily, Molly and Millie are given rosy cheeks and Bessie is given freckles, a yellow shirt and brown skirt instead of just the yellow dress.

Season 3: 2014-2015Edit

# Title Summary Airdate
41 The Twilight Hive Bessie turns The Hive into a haunted house in order to get the Scared to Death Badge.
Debut Apperance: Roxxy and Roxxy's parents
First Background to Main appernace: Nisa
November 3, 2014
Matilda Debut Apperance: Matilda, Matilda's Mum and Jerry
42 Man of the Hive Bessie puts Ben in charge of The Hive for the night. November 4, 2014
Bee the Seal Penny knocks her head and starts thinking she's a seal. So, it's up to Bessie, Happy, Roxxy, Nisa and Ben to get her back to normal.
43 Call of the Cooties Roxxy starts to realize that Ben doesn't love her and Portia tricks her into thinking that it's because she has cooties. November 5, 2014
Four Eyes on the Ball Bessie, Portia, Penny, Roxxy, Nisa, Gwen and Matilda have to get their baseball back from Alcatraz after Bessie hits the ball too hard.
44 The Brat from B.E.A.V.E.R.S. The beavers spy on the honeybees during an all-nighter at the rec-center. November 6, 2014
Paintball Effect Bessie, Penny and Roxxy get in the middle of a huge paintball war of the Honeybees against the Black Widow Spiders.
First Background to Main Apperances: Satha, Marie, Tigerlily, Molly and Jean
45 No T-Bones About It After Hillary takes away Happy's steak privileges, Happy goes nuts and begins to act like a regular dog. November 7, 2014
A Penny-ful of Power Penny is put in charge of the meeting and lets all of the power go to her squishy head.
46 She's a Good Skate, Rocky Rhodes Portia tries out for Ice-skating to impress Rocky. November 10, 2014
Evening with Cherry The Dragonflies "babysit" Ben while Bessie and the other bees are at a bowling competition for revenge.
47 9 Again Hillary wishes that she could be 9 years old to connect to Bessie more. And the next day, that's exactly what happens. November 17, 2014
Gwen's a Keeper Gwen saves Happy's life and tries not to let Portia know about it. But, Bessie being really thankful isn't gonna help.
48 The Girl with the Fake Tatoo Nisa gets a fake tattoo at a birthday party and show it off at the troop meeting with everyone, except Gwen, thinking that it's real. Bessie tries to remove it, Portia tries to find out where she got it cause she also wants one and Penny and Roxxy want to touch it. November 24, 2014
Badgeless Bessie realizes it's been one week since she's gotten a badge. So, she tries all day to earn a badge, even to the point of insanity.
49 Portia's Tonsoles Portia tries to escape from the hospital before she's gets her tonsoles painfully removed. December 1, 2014
Fleas Amok One day, Happy's fleas multiply, thus taking over the house.
50 A Mighty B Christmas December 15, 2014
51 Piano Bee Hillary hires a "piano instructor" to help Bessie get her Piano Badge. But, even the Instructor doesn't know what he's doing because he's the doctor from Bee Patients. December 8, 2014
12 Minutes to Live Portia and Gwen trick Bessie into thinking she only has 24 Hours to live.
52 The Bone Legacy K.G. Bianca teams up with Hal to get rid of Bessie and steal Happy.
Final Apperances: K.G. Bianca and Hal
December 29, 2014
Satha & Marie Satha and Marie use teamwork to find out what Tigerlily is up to.
Note: First time Bessie doesn't appear in an episode.
53 Finguerre's Revenge Finguerre returns to take Finger's place, again.
Final Apperance: Finguerre
December 30, 2014
The Sunshine Gang Ben finally meets his other heroes besides Bessie, The Sunshine Gang, only to find out that they complain too much.
54 Cuffed Bessie accidentally cuffs herself to Portia. They both then realize how annoying they both are when their not together. December 31, 2014
Fellowship Beenactment Bessie, Happy, Ben, Penny, Portia, Roxxy, Nisa, Matilda, Jerry, Gwen, Satha, Marie, Tigerlily, Jean and Millie play Hobbit roleplay and try to return a very "graphic" video to the video store with the Beavers and a bunch of 13-year-olds hot on their tail.
55 First Day January 1, 2015
56 Pretty Pretty Manager Bessie becomes the manager of the Pretty Pretty Princesses and let's the power go to her head.
Final Apperances: Shaymus and Gerry
January 2, 2015
Millie in Her Half-Shell Millie learns how to stand-up for herself and be more assertive. But, will all of this power go to her head? Of course she will!
Final Apperances: Fritz
57 Relax! In order to get the "Calm Down, Can't You See I'm Trying to Sleep Badge", Bessie needs to learn how to be more layback.
Final Apperances: The Sugar Boys
January 5, 2015
The Birds On one windy day, a huge flock of crows follow Bessie to the troop meeting and won't leave her alone.
Final Apperances: Doctor, Chester Turtleton, Donald, Mr. Lefcowitz, Roxxy's parents, Matilda's Mum, Gwen's Silblings, Richard and Dick Gibbons and Lisa Millerson
58 My Cosuin, Chelsea Portia has to stand up Chelsea...with Bessie's help, of course.
Final Apperances: Chelsea, Mr. Wu and Anton St. Germain
January 12, 2015
Beaver Talk The Beavers get their own online talk show where they spy on the Honeybees
Final Apperances: The Beavers, Jerry and Murdock
59 Quest for the Bear Ben, Rocky, Sissy, Roxxy, Matilda, Emily and Cherry wake up to themselves stuck in a cave. Cherry has amnesia so she can't remember who she is and then of the others know her either cause they never met her before. So, they navigate through the cave only to find...Mr. Evil Pants. (dun)(dun)(dun)
Final Apperances: Sissy, Emily and Mr. Pants
January 19, 2015
Save the Troop Mrs. Gibbons plans on selling the Honeybee brand name and troop. So, it's up to Bessie and the gang to stop it.
Final Apperances: Rocky, Hippie, Rainbow and Chai Gallagher
60-61 Cherry's Revenge
(Series Finale)
Mrs. Gibbons announces that the Bees will be earning their final badge before summer is over, the Heroine Badge. Bessie, now realizing that she only has one more badge before she can become The Mighty B!, she sturggles to find something heroic to do. Meanwhile, the Dragonflies, who are now roomies with the Black Widow Spiders, finally plot their revenge. They decide to just take the Rec Center without even confronting the Bees. The bees decide that they need to earn back the rec center fair and square, again. So, they have another Chelsea Challenge, again. Bessie starts training while the other Honeybees do nothing to get ready because their lazy or whatever. Only, this time, since Chelsea isn't involved, it's a bigger and longer battle divided into 15 different challenges. The bees keep losing while the Dragonflies keep winning. So, the other honeybees finally decide to train while the Dragonflies get ready to cheat like they've never cheated before. The final match is a brawl. With the other honeybees being too cowardly to fight, it's up to Bessie in her Mighty B sequence thing. But, Cherry signals thousands upon thousands of more Dragonflies. So, Bessie of course loses, then the other Honeybees see this and decide to fight. After being defeated, the Dragonflies surrender and agree to join the Honeybees. After being defeated, Cherry and the Dragonflies see that the Honeybees aren't as cowardly as they thought so the Honeybees and the Dragonflies become friends. Bessie then realizes that she has done something heroic and will get the Heroine Badge. A ceremony is held, offering Bessie the badge and the chance to become The Mighty B!. But, after thinking things through, she decides that she doesn't want to be The Mighty B! anymore and that the journey to get to her goal was more better than the goal itself. But, she still gets the badge. The episode ends with Bessie in her room with Happy getting ready for school tomorrow and Bessie wondering what would've been if she accepted to become The Mighty B! when they look out the window and see a trail of honey through the sky.
Final Apperances: Bessie, Happy, Ben, Hillary, Finger, Penny, Roxxy, Nisa, Portia, Matilda, Gwen, Satha, Marie, Tigerlily, Jean, Molly, Millie, Mrs. Gibbons, Miriam Breedlove, Cherry, Maude, Bibi, Laurie and Cha-cha
January 26, 2015

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