These are a list of The New Adventures of The Mighty B! episodes.

Season 1 (2012)Edit

  • Season 1 contains 20 episodes.
  • All episodes were written by larxenerabbit.
Number Title Summary Airdate
1 Out of the Troop Since Bessie has collected every single Honeybee badge, she can no longer be in the Honeybees. But she is happy because now she has more time to do lots of things. July 6, 2012 
2 At The Movies Bessie, Happy, Ben, Penny, Portia, and Gwen go to the movies each wanting to watch a different one. But Hal tells them all the tickets are sold out. They find out Hal was lying and manage to get in and find their seperate movies, leaving a path of destruction behind them. July 6, 2012
3 Visitors From Outer Space Bessie, Happy, and Ben are captured by aliens and are placed into a cage. Luckily, Portia, who was also captured by the aliens but escaped, frees them. Now they have to find a way out. July 13, 2012
4 Moving Away Portia and her mother are moving to New York City. Bessie doesn't want Portia to move, and does whatever she can to keep them in San Fransisco. July 20, 2012
5 Cuffed Bessie and Portia are accidentally handcuffed together. And just when Portia thinks things can't get any worse, they lost the key. August 10, 2012
6 Bee TV After Ben accidentally breaks the TV. Bessie make her own TV out of a cardboard box. September 3, 2012
7 Bessie's List Strange things happen to Bessie's peers when Hilary gives Bessie an organizer in which to list those who have wronged her. September 4, 2012
8 Sick as a Dog Happy fakes being sick to get Bessie to wait on him until Bessie turns the tables by faking illness too. September 5, 2012
9 24 Hours To Live Portia and Gwen trick Bessie into thinking she has an illness only has 24 hours to live. September 6, 2012
10 The Subway Bessie and Happy decide to take the subway home, but disaster strikes when they find themselves trapped in it. September 7, 2012
11 Amnesia Bessie gets amnesia and thinks she is a supervillain. September 10, 2012
12 Bessie's Crush Bessie is horrified when she thinks she has a crush on one of the Beavers. September 11, 2012
13 Staring Contest Bessie and Happy are having a staring contest, and somehow all of San Fransisco gets involved and starts betting who will win. In the end, it is revealed that Bessie and Happy were out of town and the Bessie and Happy staring at each other were wooden boards. September 12, 2012
14 Buses, Bikes, and Subways Ben and Gwen must return to town on their own after they got on the wrong bus and it leaves them, Gwen also has tickets to a wrestling match and can't be late. September 13. 2012
15 Grand Prix Bessie and her pals try to outdo each other in a city-wide go-cart race. September 14, 2012
16 Bessie Goes Hollywood Bessie goes to Hollywood. October 8, 2012
17 Sissy's Back Sissy visits Bessie again. Sissy has also gotten all of her badges. October 9, 2012
18 Jet Scream Bessie and Sissy experience the ups and downs of traveling by airplane. October 10, 2012
19 The Good, the Bad, and the Bee Bessie and Portia go to the old west. October 11, 2012
20 Road Trip Bessie and Happy go on a road trip. October 12, 2012

Season 2 (2013)Edit

Number Title Summary Airdate
21 Of Lice and Friends Gwen gets a job of making Honeybee announcements while Mrs. Gibbons is away and uses it as a forum to reveal gossip. This puts a strain on Portia and Gwen's friendship and they have an argument. When a lice scare hits San Fransisco and Gwen finds out Portia has been infected, will she make the announcement or will Bessie convince her to keep her mouth shut? March 1, 2013
22 Return of the Dragonflies The Dragonflies are back! But the Dragonflies say they come in peace and earn the Honeybee's trust except for Bessie who knows they are up to something. But have the Dragonflies really changed? ...I seriously doubt it. March 8, 2013

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