Morly Crasher Roobler

Morly Roobler

Date of Birth,
June 23rd 1989
Eye Colour
Hair Colour
First Apperence
Policeman, Beaver Scouts\former
Junior Police Officer
Unknown Father

Morly "Crasher" Roobler, is a young Junior Police Officer whom is trained by Sergeant Daye himself, however as call sign Armour Two he is however one whom apparently gets scared at times, but with help from Daye shows him what to do, Roobler used to go to Beaver Scouts along with Daye when they where both younger, apparently together share a similar bond to each other and intend on finding girlfriends someday, Roobler is the youngest and likes to shave his head, apparently he is one of the most well trusted members of the San Francisco Armour Team police force squad, apparently together he and Daye may often spend time going on patrols around San Francisco for anyone whom is in trouble,

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