Colby James sucks at drawing. His pictures look like shit, and he is obsessed with Millie and Kappus. Sorry Colby, but they suck together. Your pictures are even worse. Look at this crap:,_and_Millie_Millerson_having_a_crush_on_him..jpg

And you also made them having their first kiss. WTF? No one wants to see that bullshit. Kappus is a sucky character. He's a fat bitch with buckteeth. End of story. Colby's drawing perfectly displays how stupid Kappus is. He looks like a fucking retard, and so does Millie. They bot just stand there with a background and hearts. Complete utter CRAP.

And also, you drew a picture of Millie touching Kappus' PENIS. And according to Anon005, they are both nude in that picture. She's touching his PENIS!!!! WTF??? And he calls me a pedophile. The photo got deleted by wikia staff. Glad I didn't see that, it probably was HORRIBLE, with their naked bodies and... Ugh, I don't want to see what Colby James has fantasies about. I have evidence right here:

This link says that they were both naked in the photo. Just read the green text:

This link shows that the photo DID exist, just scroll down the page or read the text highlighted in green. It also shows that Colby likes to write about Millie sucking Kappus' penis and Kappus ssucking Millie's boobs. It also has Kappus blowing semen onto Millie's face. And he calls me, a regular TROLL a pervert:

Fuck u Colby.

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