ColbyJames2 look what you've done, to Kappus Michael Dee Snider Lovell Dario.

listen to me, stop this or I shall have you band of this site or I shall tell the staff of wiki all about you and phone the police if you where not paying attention, rules I do

  1. Kappus Michael Dee Snider Lovell Dario will remain not renamed, don't do it
  2. Kappus and Millie stay together and never divorse
  3. leave him alone or write your own page,
  4. don't take or rewrite or I will report you by the police for 5000$ a month, I am not jokeing but write your own page and stop writing or distroying this site,
  5. Don't troll this site, if you feel like it, go and join a Porn site, this is not the place to do it, join sites like I don't know like Rule 34 porn site, or like Xbroou or something, and leave us both alone,

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